About Us



ReThink Human Capital is a “Deliverer of Multiple Business Necessities”, mainly focus on providing access to capital, finding extra profit, protecting corporate assets and managing employee benefits.

ReThink’s diverse team of advisors consists of enterpreneurs and executives who have founded and managed industry-leading businesses. Additionally, our Board of Advisors have consulted for a variety of clients including, Small and Medium Sized companies, multinational corporations, and governments. As a team, we are passionate about delivering cost-effective solutions that empower business-owners and their employees.

Rethink Human Capital Group Inc.,  the company,  is extremely dedicated to assisting existing businesses with a variety of services that offer a synergistic effect when they are linked together and always with a cost-savings mentality as well as having the wellbeing of their employees at heart.



Offering Synergistic Solutions to companies, Improving the wellbeing of employees, All Across America


“Helping business owners to rethink the evaluation of Human resources by providing an overarching and all-encompassing approach laden with innovative solutions and cost mindedness”


The company was consolidated on July 4, 2018, with the sole purpose of facilitating a flexible platform to conduct all kinds of insurance services with service and cost mindedness as our paramount target.

This was possible to achieve on the strength of Shem Bostick leadership and the presence of Leo Largoza a highly experienced insurance entrepreneur, along with his cultivated relationships he had developed in 28 years in several industries, as well the introduction of a longstanding financial officer Keith M Mori. The synergy of this overarching entities provides the impetus to grow the business model.

The uniqueness of our approach is the adaptability we offer to new market conditions in this changing times as well as our resourcefulness to accommodate our services to any specific size or kind company without sacrificing our seminal purpose.

Our company has a coterie of more than 40 trusted advisors who strive to optimize our procedure and advise our sales force.

We aspire to remain nimble in our approach and never forget that servicing our clients and maintaining their financial health is our mantra.